by Mary Lemanski

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First full length album by Mary Lemanski


released June 22, 2010

Music & lyrics by Mary Lemanski; vocals, keyboards & drum programming by Mary Lemanski; engineered by Mac Static of Mac Static Productions



all rights reserved


Mary Lemanski Downers Grove, Illinois

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Track Name: Whatcha Doing
Vs. 1: Whatcha doing now?
What have you been up to all these years, my friend
It seems so long since you went away
And not a day goes by
When I don't think about the times we had
The good, the ugly, and the bad, but...

Chorus: Life is so short and if we never meet again
I just want you to know that we're friends until the end of the road.

Vs. 2: Whatcha doing now?
How has life been treating you all this time?
I hope that you are doing fine. I know
It's corny but it's true.
Words cannot describe how much I hope and wish the best for you and...


La da da...
Track Name: Such A Mess
You take my silence as a sign that I'm weak
But all I have to say to you would take more than a week.
Ya and I...We would never work,
Each tryin' so hard to drive the other beserk.
You love me so much you hate me.
I hate you so much I'm in love.
You say fate has brought us together.
This crazy thing they call love.

We're a mess! We're such a mess!
Everyday putting our love to the test.
Oh! We're a mess. We're such a mess!
So much fussing and fighting and kicking and biting
I'm done through crying. (break)
We're such a mess!

I'm the one to your 2-step. You're the rhythm to my blues.
The problems we've been havin' is everyone else's stale, old news.
People don't care about the way you make me feel
You stand on my shoulders and beg and cheat and steal
My heart away from me. What am I supposed to be
Your cheerleader dominatrix over for a cup of tea?
When you going to take the time to stop and think of me
You're driving me crazy with your insensitivity.



Track Name: Gone
They fell in love the very day that their eyes first met. He was an honored soldier home on leave from battle. He was tall and fit. She was an actress working as a waitress for a dime. They had found a love that would stand the test of time. One more tour and he'd be done. The soldiery he'd leave behind. He come right home and make her his wife. The day he left she sat and cried. She knew she had new life inside. He didn't know and now he's gone.

He was stationed far away in some distant land. A scorching war zone. Hell with little trees and lots of sand. He did his duty longing for the day that he'd be through, knowing he'd be holding her soon. An explosion rang out in the night. The time has come. Get up! Let's fight! Her soldier boy was very much a man. He fought long and hard, but they shot him down. His last thoughts were of her in her wedding gown. His life was gone. Now he's gone.

She got a letter from his folks saying he had passed away. Another letter he had written her said, "Darling, I'm okay. I want nothing more than to be with you by my side. In my heart, I'm with you all the time." Her eyes filled up with tears because she knew that it was true. One look into her son's bright eyes was all it took she knew that he was there beside her. In her heart, he'll always be. He's never gone. He's never gone.
Track Name: Man of My Dreams
You kissed me once. You kissed me twice. We fell in love. What a wonderful night. Not all my dreams have come true, but my best dream come true was you. And I know that we struggled sometimes in the past, but a love like ours is meant to last. Even when life falls apart at the seams, I always know that you are the man of my dreams.

Evening comes. I watch the sun set as I wait for you to come home. All of the stress in the day just melts away when you're holding me in your arms. Everytime our eyes meet you sweep me off my feet. Everytime when we kiss it gets harder to breath. When we touch, I get weak in the knees. That's how I always know you're the man of my dreams.

Night draws near. "I love you dear." You say as you whisper close to my ear. "I love you too." I say to you. Together there's nothing we can't do. Everyday I thank the heavens above that you're here, and you show me so much love. And when I have you there's nothing more that I need. That's how I always know you're the man of my dreams.
Track Name: Leave Me Out of It
I missed the bus today.
You drove by in your brand new Chevrolet.
The road was wet. You splashed me with a puddle.
I'll bet your mother really hated you,
And now you're taking it out on me.
Can't you see it's okay we disagree.

There's nothing in the world that can stop the hurt inside you
When the problems that you have seem to multiply around you.
What you have to find is that thing deep inside you
That is who you are and leave me out of it.

Sorry! I didn't mean to ruin your day by being alive.
I'll just go home and drink some beer
And talk on the phone.
Could care less what you're wearing today
And even less about what you have to say.
I guess were equal!
Now go away.

There you go again, pretending you're my friend
When all I want to say is, "You're not my friend.
Now go away."
Why do I try to be your friend
When all you give me back is more abuse?
I know why. What's your excuse?
Track Name: I Don't Want

I don't want your money, honey
The only thing I want is you
You put my heart and head through pain
You're driving me insane
Can't you see that I love you too?
I don't need anyone but you!

Vs. 1:
It's so hard for you to love someone
'Cuz you've been hurt so many times before
It's easier to turn your back and run
Than to admit there could be more
To this love thing we've got going on
I'm not here to play that game
Why do you treat me like a pawn
Make me feel I'm the one to blame


Vs. 2:
Go ahead and test my love, my dear
And you will find that my love is true
There is nothing that you need to fear
No reason for me to hurt you
Won't you be my lover
Won't you be my friend
Unless you really love another
I don't want our bond to end

I'll stay with you through thick and thin
For richer or for poor
Together we will always win
We couldn't ask for more

Modulated Chorus (x2)

Track Name: A Better Place
Verse 1: I wish I had an answer for all the troubles that we face. I wish I had just one day of peace to share with the whole human race.

Verse 2:I wish all of the poverty, all of the war could be swept up like dust and brushed out the door. I'd wish away all the hunger and all the disease and give wealth and good health to all those in need.

Bridge: And I hope for better times to come our way and pray for strength to brighten someone's day. Keep on trying deep inside to push the negativity away.

Chorus: Everybody vibe along with me in the search for peace and harmony, overcoming animosity, striving for a better place to be.

Verse 3: Nothing's certain, nothing's sure but somehow and someway we'll find a cure of love and understanding, wisdom and peace to rid the whole world of all the hatred we keep.


Track Name: A Song for Aiden
Aiden, time to close your eyes. It's time for you to dream
Of cars and planes and boats and trains and all your favorite things.
Over and over you warm my heart with smiles and cries of joy.
It's been a wonder watching you grow up from a baby to a little boy.

Chorus: Son, enjoy each passing day. Work with steady peace. Play with love for what you do. Find truth in what you seek.

Son, I watch you as you sleep and I wonder what you dream.
I hope that life treats you kind.
It's hard sometimes it seems, but
Time and again you'll pick yourself back up and journey on.
Always remember that I love you so
Whatever you do and wherever you go.

Chorus (2X)
Track Name: Earworm
This song is an ear worm. It gets stuck, stuck, stuck in your ear. This song is an ear worm. There is really, really nothing to fear.
This song is an ear worm. It really doesn't make much sense,
But if you sing it real loud, over & over it will make other people feel tense.

First it goes down. Then it goes up.
Under two minutes, nice modulation.
It should make me a million bucks.

This song is an ear worm. It gets stuck, stuck, stuck in your mind.
This song is an ear worm. It will do it to you every time.
This song is an ear worm. It gets stuck, stuck, stuck in your head.
If the radio plays it over & over it will make you wish you were dead.
Track Name: Life Goes On
I don't know where I'm going now,
But it all seemed so beautiful.
I guess we fell apart somehow.
I wondered why you'd be so cruel.
I couldn't eat. I couldn't sleep.
I even found it hard to breathe.
I felt awakened from a dream.
I couldn't go on or so it seemed, but then one day I discovered that...

Life goes on, even when the hands of time slow down.
Life goes on. When all that matters, just seems to shatter life goes on.

I know where I'm going now,
And it's all so wonderful.
I picked the pieces up somehow
And I'm on my way from you.
My mind is free. My thoughts are clear.
There is no need for me to fear.
The loneliness has gone away.
I feel like I can face each day
Now that I have discovered that...